Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Why are you passionate...

This question in a Learnivore job application via ZipRecruiter stumped me for a while:
3.  Why are you passionate about this field?   
My gut answer is
  • Because I can't help it.  I've always been passionate about music and everything to do with it.  Playing instruments, freely singing, composing and arranging new harmonies and melodies, working with ensembles, staging and presentation, and connecting to composers and players and audiences thrill me.  I always am eager for more.  Even when I'd best be resting, sometimes I am awake all night and day enjoying and creating ways to make music.  I have no idea why I'm made this way."
As true as that is, it didn't satisfy the question WHY.  It seems obsessed,  emotional. and unreasonable.  I had to dig deeper to find why an intelligent, balanced, thoughtful man would foster this consuming obsession in himself.  What I sent more answers the question:  "Why should EVERYONE be passionate about this field?"

  • I'm passionate about music because it makes everybody involved better people. It's art, communication, teamwork, beauty, improvement, cooperation, learning, enjoyment, and even love, all in one experience.

Yes, that's true and I'm happy.  Is that a good answer for you?