Thursday, December 15, 2022

Free Barbershop Music Score Reference

 From Evergreen District's Monthly Newsletter


During the holidays is a great time to look for new music for your chapter or your quartet. Evergreen District of the barberhop Harmony Society has a huge collection legal music for you to select from and order up to as many copies as we have stored. Download the spreadsheets to see what we have waiting. There's a list of sheet music - and also older portfolios and manual for you all to pick from.

The only cost to you is the postage.

The site reads:


 Download the either the spreadsheet or the pdf  


Read through the titles (which also lists arrangers and number of legal copies)  If you find titles that you’d like to have, send Ken Galloway an email listing the ones that you are interested in.  He will reply and work out the details. Again,

Note: Legal music can be given away to other singers, but it can not be sold (which is tempting).  The music has been donated by EVG Chapters and some songs we have up to 100 clean, legal, copies. 

And so, ...

I scanned and found nothing I want to order, since the Rose City Timberliner's Chorus maintains a similar library.  We are currently filing lots of loose music into the four cabinets.  After that, we can make a similar index.  Maybe we'll offer a similar service and/or send the scores to the District to distribute.