Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Brahms' German Requiem expressions translated.

As done before, here are translations for

Brahms' German and Italian Expressions in English.

Ein Deutches: A German (Brahms would have gladly called it "Human" ref.)

Requiem: [from Latin requiem, "rest"] Service for the time of death.

Ziemlich langsam:  quite slow

und mit Ausdruck: and with expression

legato:  smoothly
dim.: diminuendo  softening

espress.:  espressivo:  expressively  
dolce:  sweetly

Langsam:  Slowly
marschmäßig:  March moderately

Etwas bewegter:  Somewhat moving

un poco sostenuto:  a little sustained.

Allegro non troppo:   moderately fast.

tranquillo:  tranquil

Andante moderato:  moderately slow.

Mäßig  bewegt:  Moderately animated (in tempo)

Langsam:  Slowly.
m.v.:  (mezza voce: half voice) quiet, retrained

Andante:  Walking tempo.  Slow  
sotto voce:  whispered.  Literally "under the voice"
Vivace: lively tempo

Allegro:  happy tempo.

Feierlich:  Solemnly.