Thursday, October 18, 2018

20 October 2018 Recital

I'm accompanying 2016 NATS competition winner and recurring soloist with San Francisco Symphony,  Yi Tripplet, at a home recital this weekend of three German Lieder, three French Mélodies, three Chinese Gēqǔ and three Opera Arias.  

The event begins at 3:30 pm at Eight-Three-Eight NE Albemarle Terrace with wine and goodies. The recital itself goes from 4 pm til about 5 with more wine and goodies afterward. The music is rapturous, the singing inspired, the view stunning, and the weather looks to be perfect. 'Twill be lovely.

Here are my translations of the Italian and German expression marking of the arias.  I even get to sing tenor in the last one.

O mio babbino caro
from Puccini's Gianni Schicchi

Andante Sostenuto 
slowly sustained
rinforzando stronger
rit. (ritardando)  slowing (delaying) [but tempo will speed up again]
rall. (rallentando) slowing down (slackening) [and slows more to the end]

Ah! non credea mirarti
from Bellini's La Sonnambula

 Andante Slow walking speed
cantabile  song-like, smooth
 Ossia alternately (literally: o sia, "or be it")
colla voce with the singer
lento slowly

Glück das mir verblieb
from Korngold's Die Tote Staadt

Langsam  slowly.
poco rit.  slowing a little
morendo  dying
sehr langsam,   very slowly,

schlicht,  simple,mit Empfindung, with feeling
dasselbe Zeitmass
the same tempo
Allmählich fliessender
gradually flowing
und im  and in
Ausdruck gesteigert increasing expression.
a tempo (fliessend)
in tempo (flowing)
poco a poco
little by little
calando waning
ad lib. (ad libitum: at option) with freedom 

      [performer chooses timing and pitch.]
weider sehr langsam
again very slowly
mit tiefster Empfindung with deeper feeling.
ganz langsam
very slowly
(adagio) very slowly [
from Italian ad agio ‘at ease.’]