Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Wyzant.com has me connecting to new students and teaching locally. If you go thru their service for lessons, you will pay more and I will get paid less, but you will get the security of an established third-party site that takes credit cards.

Here is a a sample initial contact.

------------------ Job Posting ----------------------

Hi there, I've been wanting to take voice lessons for quite sometime now and never really followed through with it. I have been playing the guitar for many years casually... but now its come to the point where i wanna play and sing and create music and eventually do the solo act doing a talent type of thing like downtown or for friends.. I have the guitar-ism down if you will... now i just need that sing-ism. what kind of information can you give me as far as everything i need to know ... Thank you in advance.. -- J.

Hi, J!

"Got guitar-ism. Need sing-ism." With that kind of word play, you might be a great lyricist.

I specialize in training beginning vocalists. I can guide you to sing-ism, everything from how to sing in tune and how to be present in the back row of the hall, to crafting your career and stage act. Everything.

Now for the barriers:

~~ You need to commit to work and practice during regular lessons. You need to commit to AT LEAST an additional :30 minutes three times a week. Triple that gets better results.

~~ Your home is outside my travel area. If you travel to East Portland regularly, we might meet somewhere there. Another solution: about half my students (some are overseas) take their singing lessons online. Get a computer headset and a free Skype account, Yahoo Messenger, or the like and you can take your lessons on-line.

~~ Share the credit information Wyzant wants so we can connect in person.

~~ Schedule your first lesson. What weekday afternoon (Pacific Time [GMT-8]) can we connect for an hour soon?

I hope to see your reply and hear your voice soon

Gary Shannon
Portland, OR

Hourly Rate: $36.00*
* Rate for advance purchase of at least 10 hours of tutoring ($40.00 otherwise).