Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Short Bio

Assignment: write a quick 150 word short bio for "Mass" program. Here goes.

Gary Shannon is delighted to debut with Bravo! Vancouver in "Mass" At his age, it's fun to debut ANYTHING (or write this hundred-and-fifty word bio in third person). Like all working musicians, he does some of everything (lately more than ever), including performing vocally (with big or little groups on tenor, baritone, counter-tenor, or whatever), on piano and organ (lots at little churches), acting (usually a suicide, a butler, or both), writing (a concerto, some musicals, and an opera you've never heard of), arranging (that maybe you've heard of from the Portland Symphonic Choir or The Dickens Carolers), teaching (singing lessons online at, directing and conducting (Portland's beginner barbershop men's chorus that somehow makes a profit). Some nice awards made no huge or star career, but it's been loads of fun. Thanks to everyone, especially Janet, for a wonderful everything. You have a wonderful everything, too. There: 150.
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